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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Western Governors University – proud, private, and online!

This is probably one of the coolest schools ever. WGU is a private online school with an incredible reputation for excellence. Based in Salt Lake City, Western Governors University is setting the standard for distance-education. Around 4 million Americans choose to expand their education and career potential by enrolling in online school. Here is what Clair has to say about WGU: As an online student at WGU (I finished my BS degree there, and am almost finished with my MS in Special Education), I can vouch for the quality of the education available at WGU. I’ve been to four traditional …continue reading

Entrepreneurship – which course to pick?

The job market is forever becoming more competitive and this is prompting many people to consider becoming a self-employed entrepreneur much earlier on in their career; in fact, some people are making the decision while studying at school. Why become an entrepreneur? There are many advantages. Firstly, you are your own boss so you make the rules. You decide when to work, where to work and what work you will be doing. You dictate every part of your business and will never be subjected to unfair treatment or bullying in the work place. You will also have the potential to …continue reading

Don’t Mess Up Scholarship Essay Writing – Get the Right Advice Instead

A scholarship is the gateway to not just getting into school, but staying there. If you’re a scholarship recipient, you actually have a great way to expand your social network. Don’t be fooled by how easy some of the scholarship requirements are. If all you have to write is an essay, be prepared to have people read it. They are going to look over that essay very carefully so that they select someone that truly represents the best of the scholarship program. Your academic progress is only one piece of the puzzle. Most scholarship programs want to usher in a …continue reading

Tough it Out – A Bad Grade Isn’t the End of the World

Look, let’s get something out of the way here — I’ve been through college. I didn’t finish, but I did put in nearly 60 college credits before I had to drop out for health reasons. Simply put, I’m definitely no “newbie” when it comes to getting into a college or university. I’ve had my fair share of graded papers. I’ve also had some professors that have truly tested my patience in a thousand different ways. I survived. So will you. There are some students that feel like they have to have hand holding every step of the way. The truth …continue reading

Emily Carr University – the place to see and be seen

Emily Carr University

Emily Carr University of Art + Design is named after internationally famous Victoria born artist Emily Carr (1871-1945.) Emily Carr was a renowned artist, potter, fabric artist, environmentalist, and, rooming house owner, who lived most of her life in Victoria BC. Emily Carr university is the most sought after university for people pursuing art, visual arts, and, design in Canada. Since 1980 the university has been located on Granville Island, in Vancouver, BC, and has helped Granville Island become a landmark location. As well as one of the largest indoor farmer’s markets, the island is a hub for high end …continue reading

Get a Great Canadian Education

Canadian Education

Canadian education at the university level is some of the best in the world in terms of learning, research, and cultural and development opportunities. Students from around the world choose Canada for their education each year, citing the county’s diversity and multiculturalism as major attractions. Other reasons to apply to Canadian universities include their affordability, excellent academics and the many employment opportunities available in Canada after graduation. Gathering as much information as possible about Canadian universities can help you to make the best choice of which school to attend. In terms of rankings, the best small university in Canada is …continue reading

How to compare top UK universities

UK universities

Individuals, who are interested in enrolling into university, will find a range of universities and courses to choose from. This can make the process a long, overwhelming and difficult one. In order to find the top UK universities, you can find a range of resources online. One of these resources is an online university guide. These university guides provide readers with the most up to date information on all the universities and what they offer. It is important to ensure that the information you read is up to date, as each year may vary, with some courses changed or altered. …continue reading

Canadian Education Universities For Indian Students


Universities have always been the first choice for students who want to continue to study. This is because with a university degree, there are many career options. Other than this, students will also be able to select from a wide number of courses and degrees that relate to their interests. A Canadian education is becoming a more popular choice among Indian students, with their numbers more than doubling at Canadian schools in the last year alone. The first Canada-India Education Summit this week in Ottawa is intended to focus on boosting research and educational ties between the two countries further. …continue reading

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